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elena garro

25 Aug

Many of you don’t know – but I like to write.  I go to a writer’s workshop once  a week and secretely hope that one day, I can be a published author.  Big dreams for geeky me.

Elena Garro was a playwright, novelist, choreographer. journalist, screenwriter, poet, and political activist.  Oh, and she was once married to that poet and Nobel Laureate dude, Octavio Paz.

Basically, she was the Frida Kahlo of Latin American literature.

My favorite story by Elena Garro is “La Culpa es de Los Tlaxcaltecas” – below you will find an excerpt from the story.   The main character’s name is Laura and she is crazy but brilliant – coincidence?  I think not.


:: LG

Laura Gómez/Latina Geek