Twitter: Top 10 fútbol-soccer-football accounts to follow

11 Jun

soccerWith the recent finals of the European Champions League and this summer’s qualifying games (happening EVERYWHERE) for the 2010 World Cup,  there has been a rise in the presence of this globally-loved sport on Twitter.

The acquisitions of Kaka and Ronaldo by Real Madrid in the last week made me think of ways to be fully informed while on Twitter.  Here is my list, along with their bios.   Please feel free to add to the list!

  1. @FIFAWorldCupTM – The FIFA soccer world cup twitter channel.  All The latest Fifa news and infomation on the 2010 soccer world cup.
  2. @World_Cup2010Football/Soccer/Futbol Aficionado.  Who is the best national team, club, player and rising star in the World?
  3. @soccernet – ESPN Football news from around the world (not official) which I prefer, but here’s official  (@ESPNsoccernet).
  4. @nytimesgoalGoal: The New York Times Soccer Blog that reports on news and features from the world of soccer and around the Web.
  5. @soccerdotcomSoccer talk, news, and deals from the Fabled Soccer Traders!
  6. @BBCFootball1The latest BBC football news delivered every 30 minutes (or when new stories break!)
  7. @barcaloco – Barcaloco is all things FC Barcelona! It’s your one stop shop for all your Barcelona needs. Keep up to date on current signings, gossip, and the daily goings on
  8. @MxFutbolNoticias Referentes al Futbol Mexicano / Bienvenidas Todas las Aficiones
  9. – Live news from the official web site of the European Football governing body. UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, Euro 2012
  10. @thefarpost blog on nothing but Football. News, Stories, Comment, Videos, Funnies. If you love football, then check out


how soccer explains antonio’s world

21 May

This is a guest post by Antonio Espinosa, an intense fútbol fanatic and good friend.  He acts as a diversity coordinator for a banking institution and organizes Latino networking events around the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the book Soccer in Sun and Shadow, author Eduardo Galeano tells the story of two Mexican journalists who were covering the war in Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.  The journalists were captured in Sarajevo by soldiers and were condemned to death like so many other journalists.  About to be executed, the journalists showed their Mexican passports.  The Army official looked at them and said “Mexico! Hugo Sanchez!”
Hugo Sanchez was a Mexican soccer player who played for Real Madrid and won the Pichichi trophy five times for being the league’s leading scorer.  He ended up being the highest foreign player goal scorer. The Army official embraced the two Mexican journalists and set them free.


This story exemplifies not only how soccer is the World’s sport, but also how it brings people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, and languages together, and can unite them and give them a sense of having something in common.

Having been born in Mexico City and lived in Argentina with a Mexican mother and Argentine father, I grew up with the game of soccer in my blood.  I remember my first game when my grandfather took me to Azteca Stadium to watch a game between Club America and Cruz Azul when I was 5 years old.  It was a rite of passage because that day I knew I was an Americanista even though I was born that way without
knowing it.  I became one more family member who supported the powerful Mexico City soccer team.

When my family moved to Rosario, Argentina, I found out that my heart was big enough to support two soccer teams. With the encouragement of my father’s family, I became a fan of Newell’s Old Boys, which is one of the two teams in the city.

Si me muero, que sea de Lepra
(If I die, can it be of leprosy)

In the early 1900s, Newell’s Old Boys was asked to play a benefit soccer game against bitter city rival Rosario Central, in a game to benefit people suffering from leprosy. Rosario Central refused to play the game and they have since called fans of the Newell’s Old Boys team los leprosos (the lepers).  In turn, we call Rosario Central fans canallas (scoundrels) for not wanting to play the game.  While it may seem like an insult, these are names we carry as badges of honor and we use to identify ourselves, which we do proudly.  The names are part of the rich folklore that soccer teams have and in many cases are more than 100 years old.

As a young kid, I would hear the names of cities that were far from Mexico City and Rosario such as Santiago, Asunción, Montevideo, SantaCruz de la Sierra, Lima, São Paolo, and many others.  These were cities in
other South American countries that I would later get to visit as a teenager and adult by following Newell’s Old Boys play in the Copa Libertadores de America, which brought the top teams in South America to play a continental championship.  It is the South American version of Europe’s Champions League where Hugo Sanchez once played for Real Madrid and where he got to play in what was formerly Yugoslavia.

Little did I realize when my family moved to the United States when I was young, that by having followed not only my favorite soccer teams, but also the different international competitions they competed in, my sense of geography and different cultures was more advanced than kids my age who hadn’t been exposed to the game of soccer.  While growing up as an immigrant in the United States was sometimes difficult, the fact that this country is such a melting pot made me make friends quickly with others from such countries as Netherlands, Russia, El Salvador, Egypt, and Ghana. While we didn’t speak the same language, the one  thing we had in common was the soccer ball and the joy we got from playing the game. It was our bond that helped us grow up together.

Just as Hugo Sanchez opened the door for his journalist compatriots years ago in Yugoslavia, I have learned that soccer has also allowed me to bridge the gap to people of different cultures, backgrounds, and languages by showing me that we all do have something in common and that the world indeed is united by one ball.

happy earth day – mi lindo planeta tierra!

22 Apr

Happy Earth Day! Please take care of this beautiful planet.

zipcar and twitter mixer

15 Apr

So, yesterday my good friend Carlos Almendarez, a Yelp elite fool with over 500+ reviews and entrance to exclusive hipster parties all over town, invited me to an Earth Day event sponsored by Zipcar.

This event, held at Temple, one of the greenest nightclubs in the world, included two free drinks for Zipcar members.

What an awesome event!  It combined my to passions – green living and social media – and put them together for an event which claimed to have produced ZERO waste.  Oh yeah!!!!

This mixer also included a 1 hour interview session with Jack Dorsey, one of Twitter’s co-founder. WOW.

jack-dorsey1This had all the right ingredients for a successful event, right?  Hmmmmmm, well……

Awesome cause, poor execution. Yet, let it be known that I think  Jack Dorsey – @jack – seems like an awesome and  super chill guy.  He talked about Twitter, sustainability and a democratized/user-led Twitter social revolution.  I-N-S-P-I-R-I-N-G.

Great, great, great event.

One word of advice for all  PR people, event planners and marketing folk.  Don’t hold an hour-long interview session, even for a worthy cause, at a NIGHTCLUB!!!
This will result in:
happy hour + free drinks + lots of hyper enviro-geeks + screen of real-time tweets = Collective ADD.

ok, gente – in the next post, I shall discuss my current obsession with a phenomenon known as #screenjacking (courtesy of@lsgrodeska).

latinos en ingeniería – oracle

4 Mar

La mayoria de mis mejor amigos son ingenieros – y bueno, cada semana, tratare de escribir sobre un blog super tecnico (ya que yo no lo soy)…..

El primero es un blog sobre la vida en Oracle –

Segun los contribuyentes – “En este sitio se comparten experiencias del día a día de nuestro trabajo, buscando construir un conocimiento compartido en relación con Tecnologias Oracle. Es un espacio abierto para toda la comunidad de usuarios de Oracle de habla hispana.”
Que vida dura de esos oracleros, tienen que ir a Brazil para su Open World.  Pfff.

obama appoints colombiano as director of hispanic media

25 Feb

Felicitaciones Colombia!


Obama just appointed Luis Miranda for Director of Hispanic Media –


24 Feb
my biggest pet peeve is when guys try to pick up on me or my friends up by asking “what are you?” (in reference to our ethnicities).  really, is that all you have?

most of the time I am tempted to respond –

“XY-chromosome carriers from the bidepal primates in the homo sapiens family.  And you?”

but we don’t. we smile and pretend we need another drink.