I grew up speaking Spanish and learned English upon my arrival to the United States.  During high school, I took four years of French; while in college I minored in Portuguese.

In graduate school, I received an intensive language fellowship to Brazil and taught college-level Spanish to undergraduate students.

I want to learn Farsi or Arabic.


Crecí hablando español y aprendí inglés cuando llegue a los Estados Unidos. Durante la prepa, tomé clases de francés y  portugués en la unversidad.

Al hacer mi postgrado, recibí una beca del gobierno estadounidense para n curso intensivo en Brasil y fui instructora de español para estudiantes universitarios.

Quisiera aprender persa o árabe.
















2 Responses to “idiomas”

  1. alemfronteiras June 29, 2009 at 9:46 pm #

    This is awesome! I grew up in the Bristish Caribbean, and was exposed to Venezuela Spanish. I am now fluent in Spanish, learned Portuguese while living in New Jersey, and while attending school in southeast Africa! My form of Portuguese shifted from Brazilian to Moçambican/Luso-African Portuguese form after sometime. While in college I took 3 years of Farsi. Although I did have a lot of Persian friends, I didn’t get enough practice. I was told however that I have a great Persian accent whenever I do speak it. Unfortunately, I haven’t been exposed to any of my Persian friends since I left college two years ago and relocated to the southern states where virtually nothing but a form of English is spoken. While in high school I practiced reading and writing Hindi after being inspired by Indian films and the beautiful script. I would love to learn Arabic as well! While living in southeast Africa, I also managed to pick up on some isiZulu, a fun and vibrant language!

  2. joker400 October 31, 2009 at 1:55 am #

    that is great if you want any help in Arabic i can help

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