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sin título

31 Oct

“No arruines el presente lamentándote por el pasado ni preocupándote por el futuro.”

Ángeles Mastretta



27 Oct

uff, ya tengo caso un año que no escribo en mi blog. y bueno, en los últimos tres meses me han pasado bastantes cosas…. terminé una relación (buu), me dieron dos promociones (yey) y tuve un viaje que cambió mi perspectiva del mundo – el poder de la solidaridad humana.

quiero aprovechar todo esto……entonces proyecto laura está en full efecto.

sugerencias son bienvenidas….

vídeo de la semana: bomba estereo de colombia

20 Aug

Si te gusta Ozomatli, Orishas, Los Lonely Boys o Celso Piña, checa Bomba Estereo – música folclórica de Colombia con ritmos contemporarios.

happy earth day – mi lindo planeta tierra!

22 Apr

Happy Earth Day! Please take care of this beautiful planet.

latinos en ingeniería – oracle

4 Mar

La mayoria de mis mejor amigos son ingenieros – y bueno, cada semana, tratare de escribir sobre un blog super tecnico (ya que yo no lo soy)…..

El primero es un blog sobre la vida en Oracle –

Segun los contribuyentes – “En este sitio se comparten experiencias del día a día de nuestro trabajo, buscando construir un conocimiento compartido en relación con Tecnologias Oracle. Es un espacio abierto para toda la comunidad de usuarios de Oracle de habla hispana.”
Que vida dura de esos oracleros, tienen que ir a Brazil para su Open World.  Pfff.


24 Feb
my biggest pet peeve is when guys try to pick up on me or my friends up by asking “what are you?” (in reference to our ethnicities).  really, is that all you have?

most of the time I am tempted to respond –

“XY-chromosome carriers from the bidepal primates in the homo sapiens family.  And you?”

but we don’t. we smile and pretend we need another drink.

el sazón

22 Feb


in spanish, if you got the  “wow” factor in your cooking – we say you have sazón

my mom has it.

she can make tamales, stews, vegetarian/organic enchiladas, fresh salsas, lentil soup, rice, etc – and make other mothers green with envy.   if   you have ever seen “Like Water for Chocolate,” you know then – my mom can stir up deep emotions with her home cookin.’ (when i finished college and my roommate and i  had a joint graduation party,  my mom put  my roommate’s mom to shame with her amazing mole.  sadly, my roommate and i didn’t keep in touch thereafter.  i blame it on my mother.)

i was lucky enough to inherit about 64.8% of her sazón.

my unlucky sister didn’t get the gene, yet she can do wonders with flower arrangements and interior decorating….. i, on the other hand, have a room that resembles a T.J. Maxx on christma’s eve.

but my favorite dish is…. sopes.  according to, in the culinary world, the sope is a sort of cousin to the tortilla.  sopes are made with the same ingredients as tortillas – corn masa.  However, sopes  are smaller that tortillas in diameter and they are also  significantly thicker.   Like tortillas, they can be filled with cheese, beans, chorizo, and chicken.

my mom has a recipe which is vegetarian. i have mastered it.  dios mio.

from friends to ex-boyfriends, i have made those closest to me believers of my mom’s sopes.  they are that amazing.  yet so simple to make.

i love sopes and please, please, please, DON’T EVER EAT A SOPE in a restaurant.  go to your Mexican friend’s house and ask them if they can make you my mom’s recipe.  or if you are in San Francisco, hit me up and i might just make you some….